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Dear Travel Colleague;

Since group travel is on your list for 2013/ 2014,  Kiel Reisen/ Travel GmbH is a  German and family-owned motor coach group tour company who has been sharing with German speaking and international incoming groups all European countries for 75 years!

As one of a well-known and reputable inbound tour operators in Germany, Kiel Reisen/ Travel GmbH owns a fleet of late-model motor coaches of any size. All of our modern motor coaches feature air-conditioning with adjustable individual air vents, a toilet/ washroom, comfortable reclining seats without intruding a passenger behind. A high quality sound system will deliver the commentary of your Tour Director to every seat and large windows guarantee most beautiful views. Moreover, we also provide empty seats on each motor coach with the possibility to stretch out while touring with a maximum of comfort.

With our head office in Eiterfeld, near Fulda/ Bad Hersfeld and not far from Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Munich Airport, Kiel Reisen/ Travel GmbH offers a wide range of full travel service with a great deal of care. All of our itineraries provide a sensible balance of well-organized sightseeing, leisure time and special treats. Our all inclusive package tours are noted without any  hidden charges - to keep your customers cost down.

You clients will also appreciate the convenience of a private English speaking Tour Director throughout any of our package land tours that means no annoying announcements in several languages and no bilingual sightseeing. They are trained as professionals with expertise and an intimate knowledge of each region through which your clients are travelling and will be at their service 24-hours each day to make each tour perfect in every possible way. No matter - joining a leisure, special interest, incenctive or even a technical tour.

We feel like that your customer´s vacation is the most important time of the year to enjoy some of the best European places of timeless beauty, steeped in history and tradition - and of course with a maximum of enjoyment !

Yes, - all your payments are fully secured by a Money Protection Plan in cooperation with one of Germany´s leading insurance companies, - because it´s a law in Germany! Please find some more details attached with this offer.

So, why not choose one of our enclosed, well organized and hussle-free all inclusive package land tours. Select your own arrival and departure date in according to the arrangement and let your clients travel in style to enjoy a special vacation of scenic landscape and culture, personal selected hotels and luxury transportation.

If you have further questions or any other itinerary in mind, please don´t hesitate to contact directly either one of the undersigned.

Looking forward to your reply - we remain with personal regards

from Old Germany
Thomas Fongar

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